These Apples Are Too Good! (AKA Encounter at Farpoint)

Martha: So time to get excited, Martha has started watching Star Trek on Netflix….

Cindee: Which one?

Martha: Okay so I’m hoping I’ve got this right. I’m watching TNG right now.

Cindee: Do you feel a strong need to have watched them all? Cause if not, skip straight to season 3. Seasons 1 and 2 are complete shit.

Martha: Oh, thank god.  I was like what the fuck is this? Why does Cindee like this so bad?

Cindee: I’d have to say, of the three TNG era Star Treks, TNG by far has the worst pilot.

Martha: It’s fantastic. Riker being randomly suspicious of everything, including apples. Space jellyfish saying ‘thanks.’ The random Q guy’s appearances, and his ‘test’ which I’m still not ENTIRELY sure what it was.

Cindee: To be fair, Riker was right about the apples.

Martha: He was, BUT he’d already gone in there all “WOAHHHHH THIS IS WEIRDLY GOOD!”

Cindee: To be honest I haven’t seen that episode that many times on account of it being shit.

Martha: Does Troi get a bit less, annoying?

Cindee: Not really.

Martha: Great.

Cindee: Yeah, she was a step back for feminism. Wesley also remains annoying.

Martha: Well he’s a kid now so I can half deal with it.  If he continues to be annoying we may need to have words. However, being the son of Dr. Crusher won’t help.

Cindee: Wait what do you have against her? I love her.

Martha: Just the fact she’s called Dr. Crusher, which sounds like a terrible 80’s children’s toy.

Cindee:  Well, it WAS made in the 80s. I feel like we need a blog.